Treadwell Franklin Enters Strategic Partnership with Academic Innovators

Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC (“TFIC”) announced today it has formed a strategic partnership with Boston-based higher education solutions firm, Academic Innovators, toward the improvement of physical plant, infrastructure and energy at US institutions of higher education.

As in public sector and civil infrastructure, a watershed moment exists as years of deferred maintenance and the advent of new technologies create challenges and opportunities for education leadership. The alliance aims to bring commercial best practices to colleges, universities and other educational institutions in the development and upgrade of the aging infrastructure that supports learning environments.

The strategic partnership offers a unique approach to work with institutions that may have not developed an energy plan, negotiated successfully in the market, nor fully considered the benefits of participating in a local or regional energy consortium. The team’s joint capabilities can optimize client institutional resources to utilize appropriate commercial structures for power and energy services infrastructure needs, as well as in parking, transportation, water/wastewater, and digital environments.

“We are excited to form this relationship and to work with TFIC on a range of opportunities,” noted Brian Mitchell, a founder and principal at Academic Innovators. “There’s a great affinity in our approach to create best-fit solutions for our clients.” Projects to be undertaken by the strategic partnership include addressing deferred maintenance backlogs, transitions to efficient renewable energy, energy services optimization and technology upgrades for district heating and cooling.

ABOUT TFIC: Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company, founded in 2015, with headquarters in New York, NY and Portland, ME. TFIC is an integrated infrastructure business focused on development and sponsorship of US commercial infrastructure. TFIC seeks to return financial and economic value to states and communities by mobilizing private capital and resources in appropriate contexts, focusing on accessible commercial opportunities that create value and revenues sharable with the public sector. TFIC is privately wholly-owned and managed by its partner-members.

ABOUT ACADEMIC INNOVATORS: Academic Innovators LLC provides innovative solutions and serves as a thought partner, linking people, programs and facilities within higher education to improve efficiency and strengthen the bottom line. Academic Innovators, through a set of tailored products, and in concert with best-practice strategic partners, leads creative solutions to meet the challenges that educational institutions face, including in support of institutional short- and long-term financial sustainability and student access. The company also works to develop local, regional and national consortia to create significant economies of scale.


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