Capabilities and Solutions


TFIC acts as a partner, participant, and team member or equally in a sole lead developer and origination role. TFIC’s approach is focused on project success above any institutional bias. Our agnostic approach frees TFIC to serve clients and team members with true alignment of interest.


TFIC’s partners, advisory board, affiliates, and staff bring to bear the full breadth of their experience in every situation. Our experience affords us the knowledge that each situation requires a new and nuanced solution, however similar it may look on its face.

  • Principal Transaction Leadership & Structuring
  • Stakeholder Management & Government Relations
  • Project, Public/Municipal & Corporate Finance
  • Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Development
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Construction Delivery & Construction Management
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Procurement Process & P3 Advisory
  • Deep Network of Technical, Financial, Public & Institutional Relationships


TFIC acquired Sewall in 2018, to support its development and corporate initiatives, as an ideal technical partner.

Sewall provides specialized, dedicated technical consulting resources to TFIC projects, including:

  • Civil, structural, traffic and environmental engineering
  • Survey and imaging
  • Geospatial and geomatics skill sets

Sewall provides TFIC and its partners a critical and disciplined approach to technical aspects of TFIC projects.  Cost estimates, constructability reviews, permitting and environmental planning, program and construction management, traffic and other planning, are among the tools TFIC is able to bring to bear from in-house resources, without conflicts or divergent incentives.