About Us

TFIC is responding to the genuine crisis in US infrastructure across the spectrum of need, including funding, alternative procurement models, asset maintenance, and new development. TFIC partners each approached the opportunity from their respective disciplines—development, finance, government relations and public service, real estate and engineering—and joined to incorporate TFIC in 2015.

TFIC’s mission is to act as a commercial enterprise in the service of common community aspirations. Investment in infrastructure, from this perspective, extends beyond commercial and financial considerations and addresses wider ranging impacts of infrastructure on communities. Among these are public safety, economic and educational opportunity, and social justice.


TFIC acquired Sewall in 2018, to support its development and corporate initiatives, as an ideal technical partner.

Sewall provides specialized, dedicated technical consulting resources to TFIC projects, including:

  • Civil, structural, traffic and environmental engineering
  • Survey and imaging
  • Geospatial and geomatics skill sets

Sewall provides TFIC and its partners a critical and disciplined approach to technical aspects of TFIC projects. Cost estimates, constructability reviews, permitting and environmental planning, program and construction management, traffic and other planning, are among the tools TFIC is able to bring to bear from in-house resources, without conflicts or divergent incentives.

For more information, contact the company through its website at https://sewall.com/contact/.


Founded by engineer and entrepreneur Lynn Frazier, PE, PTOE, and launched on August 1, 2022, Frazier Signal Technologies is a woman-owned business with support from affiliate Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC (“TFIC”). Frazier Signals’ capabilities include routine maintenance and emergency repair of signals, new or replacement intersection installations, solar powered roadside signing, troubleshooting and optimization services including full engineering studies with the support of sister-company Sewall.

The company maintains its fleet of repair vehicles and supply inventories in its home facility in Veazie, Maine.  Operations are largely focused on Northern, Central and Mid-Coast Maine; however, Frazier Signals reports significant demand coming from around the state and from municipalities and state agencies in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Communities seeking assistance under spot or long-term maintenance arrangements with Frazier Signals can contact the company through its website at https://fraziersignals.com/ or by calling (207) 991-0543.


TFIC Group Companies are dedicated to promotion of workplace diversity and the principles and practices outlined herein. 

The commitment of TFIC Group Companies goes far beyond the mere recognition of all types of diversity and a pledge to embrace and respect diversity through fair, equitable treatment and fostering an inclusive working environment.  It goes well beyond compliance with EEOC and similar guidelines.

Read our full policy here: http://tficapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/TFIC-GROUP-COMPANIES-DEI-POLICY.pdf