Headshot image of TFIC employee Beth Corbeau

Beth Corbeau

Business Development

Mrs. Corbeau joins the TFIC team as a consultant with over 10 years of Business Development experience.

Prior to joining TFIC, Mrs. Corbeau was the Project Coordinator for Maine Center Ventures, an entity of the University of Maine System, where she organized the fundraising efforts for the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center, a $90M undertaking.

In addition to her efforts with TFIC Mrs. Corbeau works as the COO of the landscaping company that she and her husband operate out of Southern Maine.

When not working Mrs. Corbeau runs a non-profit organization that she that she started in 2019, Waddles For A Cause, to support Maine families facing Childhood Cancer after her own son was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2018. She and her family enjoy camping, boating, golf, skiing and snowmobiling.