Maine-Based Infrastructure Business Puts Social Responsibility First

TFIC bringing economic and social benefits to life

YARMOUTH, ME – Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital (TFIC) is wrapping up its fifth year in business, and is proud to be celebrating the 140th year of continuous operation of its wholly owned engineering subsidiary, Sewall.

TFIC is a developer, owner, and servicer of municipal and institutional infrastructure in its focus geography. With a stated mission to be a “Commercial enterprise in the service of community aspirations,” TFIC is dedicated to principles of community responsibility and social justice, seeking to bring economic and tangible quality-of-life benefits to local citizenry in all its development and service projects.

The firm, based in Yarmouth, Maine, pursues projects throughout 11 northeastern US states (6 New England states, plus NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE), based on a unique business model and an informed approach to development, deployment and management of critical infrastructure assets in the region. TFIC operates as the development arm and holding company for project and operating businesses, such as Sewall.

“We feel good that we’ve created value by freeing the technical businesses – engineering, natural resources, traffic planning – and the development business, from the strict reliance on each other for their deal flow,” said Stephen Jones, CEO and President of TFIC. “In many ways it’s the inverse of how our peers operate. We’ve proven the concept several times now.”

“We are also proud of the work we do supporting the communities where we operate. If there isn’t a potential for positive social and economic return for communities, we aren’t going to take the project. It’s the one tenet of our business that’s not negotiable” continued Jones. TFIC, among other efforts, is active in the renewable energy and bio-fuels space, is expanding private facilities for common public uses, and is developing community- and environmentally-friendly alternatives for power transmission. Most recently TFIC signed an agreement with the City of Biddeford, ME, to improve in-town parking, but also will complete an innovative riverside pedestrian walkway through that city’s rehabilitated mill district. The groundbreaking for this project was held earlier this month.

“TFIC and its associates have been wonderful partners in the Biddeford project,” said Mayor of Biddeford Alan Casavant. “I couldn’t ask for better.”

The 2018 acquisition of Sewall has allowed TFIC to support its development and corporate initiatives as an ideal technical partner. The partnership has created seamless work in planning and development, as well as execution of a project with civil, structural, traffic and environmental engineering, survey and imaging, and geospatial and geomatics skill sets. Sewall excels in these areas, bringing additional expertise to TFIC offerings.

TFIC is wholly privately owned by its working executive partnership. The company focuses primarily on middle market assets ranging from $20-$250 million, as a team member with municipalities and agencies to create projects from beginning to end, as well as on development of critical service businesses supporting municipalities and institutions and their critical infrastructure. More details are available at